Coke Oven Operation Tools

Door Extractor

The door extractor is designed for smoothly handling the oven doors in order to protect all locking and sealing devices of the door and frame. It’s main functions include: detection and storing the individual position of each oven door in three axis, removing the oven door and adjust it into the optimal cleaning position for the door cleaning system

It also replaces the oven door in the same individual position to the oven chamber as it was found prior to the opening process; thus allowing an automatic oven door changing if required with the same features as described above.

Coke Oven Operation Tools

Door Cleaner

The door cleaner is a mechanical cleaning system for smoothly cleaning of the relevant door parts. It cleans these parts of the oven door: sealing frame and stone block. All operations at the sealing frame will be done with reduced pressure to protect the frame sealing system. No brushes are used.

All cylinders are equipped with MTS Systems and operated with proportion valves. These cleaning tools are spring-loaded and individual adjustable to the frame sizes. The base plates, the support system and the tool carrier are the same as by the frame cleaning system.



Coke Oven Operation Tools

Frame Cleaner

The frame cleaner is designed for smoothly handling the oven door frame cleaning process, in order to protect all sealing devices of the oven door frame to insure a optimum tightness of the replaced oven door after it has been cleaned. It is necessary to clean the oven door frame at every oven operation cycle to avoid not cleanable deposits.

The improved frame cleaning system is able to clean the total front side of the oven door frame as well as the inside part. This special feature is operated by a cleaning frame which automatically adjusts to small differences of frame sizes and positions.

Besides that, the frame cleaner is equipped with a combined oven bottom and tar plate cleaner. This tool automatically adjusts to individual angles and positions of the oven floor. The cleaning is done by mechanical tools and compressed air.

Coke Oven Operation Tools

Coke Guide Unit

HuDe coke guide units adapts flexible and tight to the oven chamber frames and backstays. They are constructed robustly and are an integrated part of emission protection systems at every transfer machine.

Coke Oven Operation Tools

Spillage Coke Handling Systems

The Coke Transfer Car (CTC) is equipped with a spillage coke pan (maybe a simple plate) which is turned out in front of the served oven. The design collects all spillage coke or other deposits falling down in the section of the served oven frame and tar plate. The spillage coke pan will be discharged into the coke guide cage at the end of the individual oven service.


Coke Oven Operation Tools

Vaccum Cleaner

Vaccum Cleaner represents machine equipment for efficient cleaning of the oven top of top charged coke oven batteries. The oven top vacuum cleaning system is suitable for installation on charging cars and works in the area of the last filled oven. The operated oven area is cleaned automatically, even between the charging car rails.

Additionally, the system is equipped with a suction pipeline, enabling intermediate adaptation of a number of hand suction hoses, distributed on several locations on the charging car.

Coke Oven Operation Tools

Lid Luting Devices

HuDe’s device for Charging car modernization having lid lifters with rotational lid replacement is applicable on charging cars for Top-Charged coke oven batteries.

The device offers advantages against old systems: no mixer is needed at storage tank reservoir, No curing required within the system, no pressurized air cleaning of piping after each luting process, no pollution of the oven top caused by drops or pressurized air cleaning, no abrasion takes as no abrasive media is used. With exact possible proportion, the device only use one injector for each lid lifter.

Coke Oven Operation Tools

Standpipe Actuators

HuDe stand pipe automation system – Autostandpipe – resolves the problem during a critical part of the coke oven machinery in a safe and efficient manner.

Either with the manual service or use of tools on the charging car, without any connection to the coordination automation system, the standpipe actuators have been a critical part of the coke oven machinery. However, the operation via the charging car has not ever been free from risks for wrong operations because off missing positive detection from the stand pipe actuator itself.

Autostandpipe can easily be integrated in existing infrastructures of stand pipe units and automation systems. The only requirement is that the coke plant is equipped with pneumatic operated stand pipe actuators.