Years of experience


HuDe GmbH specizalises in Coke Oven Technolgy serving to coke Oven service operations and machines around the world. Be it stamping or the top charging technology, HuDe machines have distinctive features for all types of coke batteries.
Designed for unmanned operations and maintenance-free activities, HuDe also focuses on avoiding spillage coal and spillage coke. It follows environmental strategy utilizing BAT (Best Available Technology) as zero visible emissions are our priority.
With integrated smart systems, HuDe additionally offers wireless data transfers for individual  requirements. As an experienced full service provider, HuDe’s strength includes engineering, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning, along with consulting services.

Work Philosophy

As a complete service provider, HuDe focuses on the customer and offers a long-term success with reliable partnership. Based on the work outcome, we focus on the needs of the customer and develop new workable solutions.
On the basis of the mutual relationship, HuDe fulfills the demands and expectations of the customers. With our state-of-the art products, HuDe makes the choice to invest in the future and ensure long-term results for the customer.